What is this?

How to set it up...


1) Click Get Links (you can click it now, you won't leave)

2) Drag the 'Send' and 'Receive' links below to your bookmarks toolbar.

3) Bookmark these exact same links on your other device

The links have a unique ID so you will get different links if you just follow these same steps on your other device. You need to send these same links you see above to your other device.

How to use it...


1) Go to the website you want to send to your smartphone or other computer

2) Click your 'Send with KeepItWith.Me' bookmark

3) Now on your other device click the 'Receive with KeepItWith.Me' bookmark

Thats it! Now you should be reading your article on your smartphone. You can also send a web page in the opposite direction (phone to computer) using the same process.